How hireXP revolutionized Knowlarity's hiring process?

Case Study

Knowlarity Communications is India’s largest cloud based solutions provider. Knowlarity’s virtual phone system and enterprise solutions help make your business reliable and intelligent. With the capability to process over a million calls an hour, Knowlarity is a trusted brand for more than 8000 companies worldwide, SMBs as well as enterprises. We are funded by Sequoia Capital and Mayfield, headquartered in Singapore and have offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Dubai and the Philippines.

Hiring Needs of Knowlarity

Initially Shruti – Head HR of Knowlarity managed all their HR –onboarding, benefits, compliance-­‐-­‐on paper, emailing and faxing forms and waiting days for a change to go into effect. It was a time consuming and archaic process.
But then something awesome happened: They discovered hireXP.


Knowlarity goes 100% PaperLess.

When Knowlarity got hireXP, they did get away with endless HR paperwork, once and for all. Now, benefits enrollment, compliance, and onboarding are seamlessly managed in their hireXP dashboard. Employees complete all paperwork online, making it easy for Shruti to keep track of and access whenever needed. hireXP even provides various reports like average time to Hire, Hiring Velocity report, Candidate Source report, thus making the hiring easy and faster.


hireXP allowed Knowlarity team to radically simplify and improve the way they managed their HR processes, giving managers more time to focus on their actual job instead of administrative busy work whilst improving the average time to hire.


Cutting-­‐edge HR tool which matches Knowlarity’s cutting-­‐edge business.


hireXP helped Knowlarity in:

  • Resource Optimization
  • Providing a seamless process of hiring and feedback
  • Collective decision making
  • Building a bigger Employer Brand