Swiggy sharpens its focus on successful recruiting with hireXP.

Case Study

Swiggy is a food ordering and Delivery Company based out of Bangalore, India. Swiggy was inspired by the thought of providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best neighborhood restaurants to the urban foodie. A single window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants.


Swiggy was not only interested in a great system. They wanted something that would fit their innovative and vibrant brand and culture. They needed great technology that would meet the needs of their own highly mobile team as well as their millennial candidate and client base. They recognized the need for a functional, service-oriented solution to help manage the many jobs facing their HR director.



Swiggy wanted flexibility for future growth, great technology and functionality, swift and efficient deployment and good value in the market. HIreXP made a difference immediately. The HR team cut the time they spent on simple but vital tasks like tracking candidate source. They can access accurate data instantly and generate automated reports. Tasks that used to take hours or days now take seconds or minutes, freeing the team to add real value to the Swiggy HR operation.

Future Scope:

hireXP gives Swiggy a truly scalable and flexible solution. At present, the team believes it’s only using up to 20% of the system’s potential capability. They’re excited about how much more it can do for them. It’s also well adapted to the firm’s national business market.

Swiggy recognizes that hireXP People offers very good value. It provides innovative and leading edge technology with excellent core functions. It’s also adapted well to fit Swiggy’s particular needs. It’s a configurable and highly customizable solution without a bespoke price tag.

Service and support matter too. Swiggy found the hireXP team responsive, knowledgeable and eager to help them to get the benefit from day one.

We continue to support Swiggy as they exploit more and more of hireXP’s potential to advance their business.